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Emily Wren is an award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer serving the Philadelphia area and New England, focused on capturing authentic, light-filled images through a blend of fine art photography and photojournalism.

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Brandon and Kyle’s November wedding at the Union League in Philadelphia was a celebration of love, both intimate and grand. Set in the historic Lincoln Hall, the venue was chosen for its deep connection to the progress of gay marriage, echoing the values Abraham Lincoln championed. This choice added a layer of profound significance to their union, symbolizing not just their personal journey but also the broader strides towards marriage equality. This grand same-sex wedding at the Union League was not just an event, but a symbol of progress.

Their ceremony was heartfelt, marked by tearful vows that resonated deeply with all present. It was more than a wedding; it was a poignant testament to love’s triumph over historical and societal barriers. Wearing matching tuxedos and Gucci shoes, Brandon and Kyle prepared for their day together, adding an intimate touch to their preparations.

Their florist, Splints & Daisies, intertwined fall foliage with their flowers. This created a stunning visual harmony of earthy tones and vibrant blooms, reflecting the season and the warmth of the occasion. The wedding was not only a reflection of their love but also a statement of resilience, aiming to be remembered as one of the grandest gay weddings the Union League has ever hosted. It was a celebration of their dream, a realization of freedoms fought for by many before them, and a joyful declaration of their life together moving forward.


Planner: Courtney Space

Venue: The Union League

Florist: Splints & Daisies

Band: Don Eaton Band

Videographer: Willow Tree Films

Shoes: Gucci


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Brandon & Kyle | Embracing History and Love: A Grand Same-Sex Wedding at the Union League | Emily Wren Photography

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