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Emily Wren is an award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer serving the Philadelphia area and New England, focused on capturing authentic, light-filled images through a blend of fine art photography and photojournalism.

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In early winter, under Jasna Polana Country Club’s sheer white ceiling draping, Alex and Kevin vowed their eternal love in what can only be described as a fairy tale come to life. The magnificent venue, known for its breathtaking landscapes and elegant interiors, was transformed into a winter wonderland.

Masterfully orchestrated by the renowned Mindy Weiss, this luxurious winter wedding at Jasna Polana unfolded as a meticulously crafted celebration of love, reflecting the couple’s vision in every detail. As guests arrived, they were greeted by a stunning display of all-white florals, masterfully arranged by Tantawan Bloom. The floral arrangements, delicate and sophisticated, were the perfect setting for the evening’s enchanting aesthetic. This choice of decor not only highlighted the beauty of the season but also infused the space with warmth and romance.

The bridal party, an essential part of the day’s festivities, was dressed to perfection. Bridesmaids donned elegant gowns in shades of black and blush pink, perfectly complementing the wedding’s color scheme. Their attire added a touch of sophistication and grace, mirroring the day’s overarching theme of timeless elegance.

The reception, was the crown jewel of this luxurious winter wedding at Jasna Polana. held under a magnificent clear tent, was a spectacle of light and warmth. Thousands of stands of string lights overhead were lite up like the twinkling night sky and bathed the venue in a soft, golden glow, creating an ambiance of intimate festivity that invited guests to celebrate the love story unfolding before them.

As the evening progressed, a delightful surprise awaited the guests. McRig’s McDonald’s food truck made a grand entrance, offering a whimsical twist to the night’s dining experience. Guests were treated to custom “I’m Lovin’ You’ Happy Meal-inspired boxes from Pop Ink Design Studio, a playful nod to the couple’s fun-loving spirit and the Groom’s part of the McDonald’s franchise.

Alex and Kevin’s winter wedding was not just an event; it was a testament to their love and a celebration that will be remembered for years to come. From the impeccable choice of venue to the thoughtful details woven throughout the day, their wedding was a perfect blend of elegance, joy, and unforgettable moments. As they danced under the starlit sky, it was clear that their love was as timeless as this luxurious winter wedding at Jasna Polana they had created.

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Planner: Mindy Weiss

Venue: TPC Jasna Polana

Event Design: Tantawan Bloom

Floral Decor Production: Tantawan Bloom

Cinema: Willow Tree Films

Lighting: Fusion Lighting Productions

Rentals: Luxe Event Rentals

Cake: BCakeNY

Bridal Styling: I Do I Do I Do Bridal Styling

Ceremony Music: Jordan Kahn Orchestra

Dress Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal

Dress Designer: Pnina Tornai

Linens: The Finishing Touch

Invites: Lehr & Black

Hair: Olivia Halpin Hair

Makeup: The Beauty Suite NY

McDonald’s Boxes: Pop Ink Design Studio

Custom Coffee Mugs: Michelle Black Design


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Alex & Kevin | A Luxurious Winter Wedding at Jasna Polana | Emily Wren Photography 

custom McDonalds happy meal boxes for Mcdonalds wedding reception by Emily Wren Photography

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