My Philosophy

My approach is very natural and personal. I always come away from a wedding feeling like I’ve just experienced something authentic and beautiful between close friends. For me, the most important thing is to capture the love between you and your partner honestly and sincerely. It’s this intimate approach that will help you feel at ease and comfortable with the camera, highlighting the organic beauty that is revealed when people really feel like themselves.</br>

 As your photographer, I am constantly open to possibility. Of course, there are certain classic moments I expect to photograph… and then there are the candid photos that can’t possibly be planned, but are full of emotion and truth. Sometimes it’s these moments in between the poses that tell your story best. </br>

There is an inherent ethereal beauty to a wedding, and my aim is to capture that with a timeless blend of fine-art photography & photojournalism. Of course, my coverage will be all-encompassing – but I am not tied to a strictly documentary style. Instead, we believe in a timeless blend of fine-art photography & photojournalism to tell your story best. I have a subtle and romantic way of capturing your wedding, allowing you to really enjoy it, while beautifully preserving the memories.


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