Haley’s Portfolio

Haley’s Portfolio

When you work with Haley, you are really booking both of us! Haley and her second shooter will photograph your wedding and engagement session, and afterward, I will process all the images so that the final result is consistent with my signature style.

Haley works intuitively and unobtrusively while also having a lot of fun with her clients. What I find most compelling about her work is her ability to capture genuine emotion in her images. Whether it is the excited jitters leading up to the ceremony, or the pure love between a newlywed couple, Haley applies her well-honed journalistic eye to your wedding and tells the story of your day with honesty and true passion. Her delicate approach to styling details and directing portraits gives a fine art feel to all of her images.

Haley is an exceptional photographer and I could not be more thrilled to have her on my team! I think her work speaks for itself!


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