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Emily Wren is an award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer serving the Philadelphia area and New England, focused on capturing authentic, light-filled images through a blend of fine art photography and photojournalism.

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For their engagement session, Gabby & Tristan invited us to their home in New Jersey. And what a treat that was— turns out that these lovebirds had their very own bucolic slice of paradise! The weather was crisp, fall perfection, and we were all smiles as we explored the property with the couple and their handsome pup. We honestly didn’t want to leave, and after looking at these images you’ll be able to see why.

Gabby wore a killer, off-the-shoulder Katie May gown that she found at Philly’s Lovely Bride. Our dear friend, Jennie, from Love ’N Fresh Flowers, created a crown of ivory blooms and delicate greenery to finish the bride’s look. And Tristan looked sharp in his perfectly tailored button-down from the menswear masters at Commonwealth Proper! We loved that this due to incorporated pieces from so many talented Philly vendors.

Last month, we reunited with Gabby & Tristan to capture their Union League wedding. The day was spectacular, and I can’t wait to share the images. For now, enjoy these images from their love-filled, at-home engagement session!

01 Gabrielle&Tristan 034 Fall Engagement Session 02 Gabrielle&Tristan 003 03 Gabrielle&Tristan 005 Gabrielle&Tristan 011 Fall Engagement Session 04 Gabrielle&Tristan 028 05 Gabrielle&Tristan 032 Fall Engagement Session 06 Gabrielle&Tristan 024 Gabrielle&Tristan 029 Fall Engagement Session Engagement Session With Dog 07 Gabrielle&Tristan 035 Fall Engagement Session 08 Gabrielle&Tristan 037 Gabrielle&Tristan 040 Fall Engagement Session Engagement Session With Dog 09 Gabrielle&Tristan 053 Gabrielle&Tristan 046 Fall Engagement Session 10 Gabrielle&Tristan 074 Gabrielle&Tristan 078 Engagement Session With Dog 11 Gabrielle&Tristan 093 Gabrielle&Tristan 100 Fall Engagement Session 12 Gabrielle&Tristan 083 Fall Engagement Session 13 Gabrielle&Tristan 077 Fall Engagement Session 14 Gabrielle&Tristan 130 Corn Field Engagement Session 15 Gabrielle&Tristan 136 Gabrielle&Tristan 146 Corn Field Engagement Session 16 Gabrielle&Tristan 132 Corn Field Engagement Session 17 Gabrielle&Tristan 140 Gabrielle&Tristan 129 Corn Field Engagement Session 18 Gabrielle&Tristan 148 Corn Field Engagement Session 19 Gabrielle&Tristan 153 Corn Field Engagement Session 20 Gabrielle&Tristan 156 At Home Engagement Session With Dog 21 Gabrielle&Tristan 162 At Home Engagement Session With Dog 22 Gabrielle&Tristan 157 Gabrielle&Tristan 175 At Home Engagement 23 Gabrielle&Tristan 178 At Home Engagement 24 Gabrielle&Tristan 179 Gabrielle&Tristan 181 At Home Engagement At Home Engagement Session With Dog 25 Gabrielle&Tristan 169 At Home Engagement 26 Gabrielle&Tristan 187 Gabrielle&Tristan 191 At Home Engagement Session With Dog 27 Gabrielle&Tristan 190 At Home Engagement Session With Dog 28 Gabrielle&Tristan 193 Gabrielle&Tristan 188 At Home Engagement Session With Dog

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Gabrielle & Tristan | A Picturesque Fall Engagement Session in New Jersey | Emily Wren Photography

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