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I also love the speeches of family and friends who speak so poignantly about Michael and Raquel, and about the significance of a wedding coming in the midst of so much uncertainty in the world. This film feels like a time capsule that future generations will watch to understand what life was like in 2021, and how ritual and togetherness felt supercharged with meaning and with joy.   

Finally, the songs that Gregg sets his films to always say something about the couple at hand. 
There were so many emotions present in Michael & Raquel’s wedding weekend-- awe, solemnity, exuberance, peace, sweetness--and the songs that score this video connect me to each of them. 

Raquel & Michael

The Pennsylvania Wedding of

Highline Productions


As a musician and audio engineer Gregg understands the power of sound. I am so struck by the role both song & voice play in Raquel & Michael’s wedding film. The video opens with a traditional Jewish song that seems to rise up from the lush green Berkshire mountains, carrying with it an air of tradition and the indefatigable human spirit. 

But sound also operates in an even more intimate way throughout this film, nowhere more powerfully than when Michael and Raquel read aloud the notes they wrote each other on the morning of their ceremony. Hearing each of them express their love for one another, in their own voices was so incredibly moving. The power of these words, laid over images of the two of them reading these notes in silence as they prepared to be married takes my breath away every time. 


Manes by Mia

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Ruth Cohen


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