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If you happened to be in Philadelphia, on 13th street between Chestnut and Market, on a particular fall day, you may have noticed a 1950’s Lincoln Continental in Regency Turquoise pulling up. In the passenger’s seat, you’d have spotted a stunning bride clad in lace. Her silken blonde hair pulled back into a classic, low chignon and crowned with a vintage beaded 

Gabby & tristan

The Philadelphia Wedding of

True Beauty Marks

Hair & Makeup

EST. 2008

hairpiece. And you would have thought you were witnessing the arrival of royalty! Such was the impact of Gabby & Tristan’s downtown wedding to anyone who happened by that day. Truly one of the most elegant city weddings I have ever had the pleasure of capturing! Gabby looked like Grace Kelly in her high-necked, couture lace gown, and the spectacular ivory bouquet from Love ’N Fresh Flowers that she carried was fit for a queen. At Merchant’s Exchange, with bridesmaids in elegant white dresses and groomsmen in sharp, black tuxedos, the wedding party appeared to have been plucked straight from the pages of Vanity Fair!
What you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the outside was just how heartfelt and emotional the day was. Gabby & Tristan care deeply about their friends and family and it was important to them to honor their loved ones throughout the day. Gabby’s vintage headpiece had originally belonged to her grandmother and was a way for the bride to carry her grandmother close throughout the day. Before seeing her groom, Gabby shared two emotional first-looks with her father and grandfather in the marble halls of the Union League, while Tristan and his father enjoyed a quiet morning in the venue’s library and helped each other with their bowties and jackets. At the reception, parents and friends gave moving and sincere toasts that had everyone in tears. And midway through their own thank you, Gabby & Tristan paused to embrace— completely overcome with gratitude and love! 
Undeniably, the day was visually spectacular. But what resonates about this wedding is the kindness and love that radiated from Gabby & Tristan, filled the air around them, and extended to every person there to witness such a joyous occasion!


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